Weather seminar coming to San Augustine

SAN AUGUSTINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Residents in Deep East Texas will soon be able to help monitor future storms thanks to the upcoming Skywarn Weather Seminar.

"April, May and June is really the peak of severe weather season. A lot of times the National Weather service will work in conjunction with emergency management officials to have these seminars to get prepared for the very active months that lie ahead," said KTRE's Chief Meteorologist Brad Hlozek.

The seminar will mainly focus on the tri-county area of San Augustine, Shelby and Sabine, but any one is welcome to attend.

Those who do attend will walk away with valuable knowledge.

"They will learn what they need to observe, what they need to report to the NWS and to the news media and how to report it. They do get a certificate. They will be an informed and certified storm spotter," said KTRE Weather Watcher, Tom Johnson.

Hlozek is helping plan the seminar and says that these types of events only help in the accuracy of weather reports.

"Having as many storm spotters out in the field as possible really does a great service for us and the NWS, mainly because they are the extra set of eyes and ears in the field that help us verify what we are seeing on radar," said Hlozek.

Those who attend will not just be receiving an education in weather watching, but will also be possibly saving lives.

"We need to warn them, and the way you warn them is to have some people that are doing the spotting," said Johnson.

The seminar is on April 8 at the San Augustine County Courthouse. It is from 6-8 p.m.

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