Angelina Co. law enforcement gets training on controlling parties

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A recent grant from the statewide Coalition is helping law enforcement agencies receive training on how to better control underage drinking parties.

"It is a time of year that we see more; our law enforcement sees more drinking parties because of prom and graduation," said Jean East, the program director of the Coalition. "It is a time where we really want to make sure our kids are in a fun situation but one that doesn't involve alcohol."

"As law enforcement officers, if we're called to a house or residence because there's drinking going, the grownups that are contributing to the problem that are making it available to them are going to be in violation of the law," said Sheriff Greg Stanches.

Violations that could lead to costly fines of thousands of dollars and even jail time.

Law enforcement wants to spread awareness about parties that can turn into high risk situations.

"Alcohol is the number one killer as far as the drug goes of killing our young people whether it be car wrecks or suicides or accidents because they are impaired," Sanches said.

Officers and deputies have been trained with a harmless method to control underage drinking parties.

"Everyone is kept safe and they identify the over 21 person that provided the alcohol, and then also try to identify the kids as far as the age that they are, and then also inform their parents," East said. "And so they work the party in a very controlled manner to reduce any kind of harm or risk."
Last week's training included a live demonstration with the Lufkin Drug Free All Stars on how to safely handle the soon influx of parties.

Minors had the chance to pretend they were partying to give valuable training for law enforcement.

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