Murdock family and friends react to 'Catfishin'' Kings'

MARTINSVILLE, TX (KTRE) - The "good old boys" from Martinsville, can now claim to be the proud holders of the first ever Catfish Cup.

"We're the world champions and that means a lot," said Roland Murdock.

Last night was the finale of Animal Planet's new hit show that pitted teams from eight states against each other in a tournament featuring barehanded fishing, also known as noodling. It is something that family friend Kelly Owens is not ready to do yet.

"I'll watch when we go out. That's about it," said Owens.

The hardest thing to do since filming wrapped up in July was to keep the outcome a secret.

It's definitely a relief to be able to tell your friends and those who didn't see the show," said Murdock.

With fishing season coming up, a title defense is already on their minds.

"There's no doubt that we are going to try to defend the crown if the show comes back," said Murdock.

Since the show began, Ronald and his brother Greg have become local celebrities.

"When I went out to eat the other day, there was a woman and she kept looking at me and said I'm going to do something that will embarrass you. I said what would that be and she came over and asked for an autograph," said Murdock.

They have also brought pride to the tiny community.

"It's brought not only good attention to him, but has got our community really excited," said Martinsville Schools' Principal Monty Pepper.

Even with the fame, friends say the Murdock brothers won't change.

"No. Not at all, this is the way they are," said longtime friend, Melissa Owens.

Murdock also added it was special winning with his brother Greg but wished they could have included their other brother in the show as well. Next up for the brothers is a possible documentary on hog hunting.

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