Houston Co. host state of the art firearm safety course

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - When the recent surge of gun debates started ammunition became hard to get, causing serious problems for sheriff departments trying to train deputies

One way Houston County is saving money on ammunition, is by conducting a course with simulated ammunition.

"This video game is more in-depth than your standard video game, because it incorporates real weaponry," said Houston County Chief Deputy, G.P. Shearer.

"You are still getting your trigger pull. You are still getting your target acquisition, but you're not having to spend the money on the ammo that cost the county so much and is hard to get right now," said Ben Gardner, a Houston County investigator.

The only thing fake is the bullets, saving the department a lot of funding since a normal training session would need about 200 rounds per deputy.

The course was brought to the county by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission through a government grant program. They in turn take the Judgmental Firearm Safety training course, JSAF for short, to other law agencies.

According to the TABC agents on scene, the Houston County Sheriff's office is the first outside group to receive this training in the Coastal Bend region of the state.

The only thing the department is billed for is the co2 cylinders. It is something that makes a big difference to the department.

"We only qualify once or twice a year. That's about all anyone can afford right now. With this you get a lot more training with a lot less cost," said Gardner.

It's not just cost effective, it's also safer.

"Anytime you can train in a classroom environment is perfect. the safety risk are not as high as they are on a live shooting range," said Shearer.

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