Hudson twins overcome Cerebral Palsy by staying active

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - This week freshman Jade Alexander spends her afternoons practicingfor cheer tryouts at Hudson High School.

"It's your dream you can do it," said Jade.

The 16-year-old's family says doctors didn't expect her tolive past 16 weeks.

"She's a little dynamitenow you wouldn't know it," said Debbie Alexander, Grandmother.

Jade and her twin brother Josh were born 12 weeks premature,Josh weighed two pounds and seven ounces and Jade only weighed one pound andtwo ounces.

At two years old they were diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is a movement disorder, for Jade and Joshthat means brain impulses don't register correctly with their muscles.

"She couldn't standon her legs they were like jelly and Josh would be stiff as a board," saidDebbie.

But Jade and Josh didn't let their condition stop them frompursuing their passions.

Jade started cheerleading at six-years-old and spends timeriding horses.

Josh spends his time experimenting with music production andmanaging the school basketball team.

"I really don't like other people doing stuff for me. It'sjust day to day life, it's about adapting to it," said Josh.

The twins say reaction from others is always challenging buttheir true friends don't treat them like their any different.

"People look at him like what's wrong with him but ourfriends are pretty understanding they don't care, some of them don't even know,"said Jade.

Between the two of them Josh and Jade have had about 17surgeries and they put in work daily to follow their dreams, with nothingholding them back.

"If something pushesyou down get back up from it," said Josh

"Just don't give up, if you have a goal just go for it don'tlet anybody tell you any different," said Jade.

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