Motorists Can Help Ease Congestion

Advance preparation and help from the police led to less traffic congestion than expected at and around the new Nacogdoches schools.

The decision to use traffic officers at McMichael middle school came when a 20 minute wait into the school developed. Once motorists began taking their turn they easily got to their destination. Pre determined lanes and routes for busses and parents also provided order.

McMichael principal Claudia Whitley said, "One of the things that we did was consult with Texas Highway Department and they looked at the loop, the layout and made suggestions for traffic in order to keep everyone safe."

Across town at Brooks Quinn Jones Elementary only minor congestion was reported.

There were few problems at Nacogdoches High School where the ninth grade wing is still under construction. "We pretty much got into the pattern last year with drop off and pick up in front of the school and also our new bus drive in the back," explained NHS principal Liz Ballenger.

Motorists are receiving plenty of warning to use caution near and around schools. The city's solar message board was put to good use as well as the speed monitoring sign. Nevertheless everyone's safety depends on the person behind the wheel.

Nacogdoches Police Officer Greg Sowell encourages motorists to give and take. "If you could exercise a bit of courtesy and of course exercise a lot of patience in these new areas because everyone is unfamiliar with the surroundings."

Educators remind parents the order maintained outside the school, generally sets the stage for an orderly day inside the school. ,.