Nacogdoches High School adds new resources for immigrant students

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - More than 150 immigrant students are prepping for end of course exams at Nacogdoches High School. Teachers and a new resource are helping with their progress of learning English.

Many freshman use every minute they can spare expanding their vocabulary. Shee Shee, a fifteen-year-old from Thailand, reads each day to prepare for next week.

"I'm reading to get ready for my test. It's hard, but I think it will get better," Shee Shee said.

On Monday, each student will take end of course exams for English, reading and writing. Katherine Whitbeck is hopeful her English as a second language students will excel.

"We know that the reality is that it is going to be difficult because in addition to learning the TEKS that they need for English one and English two, they're also just learning English vocabulary and the overall the English language," Whitbeck said.

For many students it's their first year living in the United States. Each of them are provided with special educators like bilingual aides and sheltered classes to help them learn English.

"All of our teachers are here working but in the sheltered class it's a little bit more focused on their needs as second language learners," Whitbeck said.

Karen is Eh Chrit Paw's first language, and she's taking advantage of the help she is given each day.

"When the teacher is talking to me and I don't know what the word means, then I ask them. When they tell me, then I write it down on paper and I study," Eh Chrit Paw said.

English as a second language is normally a class students attend once a day. This school year principal Nathan Chaddick has added a new resource.

"They've made the ESL room a resource room. And students can come in the morning, they can come during my classes, other teachers can send them so they can get some oral reading of the test," Whitbeck said.
On Monday, immigrant students will be allowed to use a dictionary while taking their end of course exams and they couldn't be more thankful.

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