Nacogdoches church's youth group shares the love on Good Friday

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Public school children were home from school today for the Good Friday holiday. It doesn't mean a lesson can't be found.

Even though it wasn't even ten in the morning, Kaylee Johnson and her friends from Fredonia Hill Baptist Church are delivering door to door Good Friday messages.

"We want people to learn to get closer to God and have a closer relationship," Johnson said.

It's somewhat like making new friends like Johnson did.

"Hi," Johnson said at one home. "What's your name?"

"Samantha," the girl replies.

"Hi, I'm Kaylee," Johnson said.

"Everyone got up a little bit earlier than maybe they would have otherwise," Danny Cullins, the assistant pastor at Fredonia Hill Baptist Church, said. "But it's a great cause and we're excited about this time of year when we celebrate just what Jesus has done."

The youth group circulated through neighborhoods in the vicinity of Pioneer Park inviting children, and parents too, for a morning of fellowship, fun and games.

"You coming today?" one Fredonia Hill teen said.


"Oh, yay. High five," the Fredonia Hill teen replied.

The good deed came with so many personal rewards. Some of them were expected, such as an impromptu Good Friday lesson.

Parent Omar Jasso showed off a cross he built for a Passion of the Christ play. For him, Good Friday is like no other day.

"This Friday, you feel different," Jasso said.

Jasso's role as a Roman soldier at the Crucifixion is meaningful. After he recited a line in Spanish, Cullins translated it into English. Then, the assistant pastor laughed approvingly and said," That's good. He's practiced. He's ready."

It was a simple exchange with no barriers. It was exactly the kind of result that made Johnson cheer.

Fredonia Hill Baptist Church conducts neighborhood roundups during the summer and certain school holidays. The church also has an active Wednesday after-school program.

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