Volunteers use annual Easter egg hunt as a day of service

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A day of hunting eggs is a day of service for volunteers from Lufkin First Assembly.

"It's one of the opportunities we actually get to serve and be a part of something great in the community, said Alvin Vander Leest, Outreach Pastor.

Kids waited in anticipation as 10,000 eggs were scattered across the fields at Kit McConnico Park in Lufkin.

The church partnered with Lufkin Parks and Recreation and KFOX 95.5 to ensure to community had a day filled with fun just in time for Easter.

"We'll be entertaining the crowd, giving the kids candy and just some different things to get the kids involved," said Cathy Standerford, volunteer.

But their service goes beyond song and dance.

"We just want to share the love of Christ," said Standerford.

Volunteer Sean Sims says this is his second year to participate and says hiding eggs and enjoying kids is the best part of the day and it feels good to know he's making an impact.

"I know I'm doing something for the community and serving God in a good way," said Sims.

The day consisted of  three eggs hunts for different age groups. About 50 volunteers from the church helped managed the crowd.

This is the 6th year for the church to participate in the egg hunt but they are committed to outreach all year round.

"This is not something we do one time a year, we do it every other week and we go out to different areas in the community," said Standerford.

They just hope the time they spend hiding eggs will demonstrate their dedication to service.

"We are able to reach people that we wouldn't normally be able to and see people that we might not see in church on Sunday," said Standerford.

Easter service times for Lufkin First Assembly are 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

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