The devil made him do it

An East Texas man is behind bars, but he claims he's not the one who's in trouble. Trinity Police tell us he took an officer on a high-speed chase through two counties because he had the devil trapped in a pile of branches in his pickup and he wanted to burn him. That may seem humorous, but the fact is we'll show you video tonight of how he put many in danger when he sped away from the officer in speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour. Caleb Beames will show you the shocking video at 10.

A heightened safety awareness varies among counties following this weekend most recent killings in Kaufman County. Kaufman County District Attorney Mike Mclelland and his wife, Cynthia, were found dead in their house Saturday, just two months after an assistant district attorney was gunned down in a parking lot. Do the deaths have an impact on prosecutors and attorneys in Nacogdoches County and elsewhere? That's the questions Donna McCollum asked today and she'll tell you what she learned at 6.

Tucked inside the Child Protective Services building in Lufkin, there is a room full of diapers, clothes and toys for kids of all ages. But the Rainbow Room isn't any ordinary room. Michelle Reed got the opportunity to take a private tour of the rainbow room and found out why it is so important for kids in displaced families. That's coming at 6.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor