Lufkin Community Partners need donations for Rainbow Room

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Tucked inside the Child Protective Services building in Lufkin, there is a room full of diapers, clothes and toys for kids of all ages.

But the Rainbow Room is no ordinary room, it's a secret treasure chest for kids. But only certain people are allowed to go inside the Rainbow Room.

"The unique thing about our services and this room are the children that we are serving don't have any other funding from another source. They are not foster children. Their family may be currently investigated and until they close their case, they may need cleaning supplies or clothes or formula or a car seat," said Tina McDonald, a board member with the Lufkin Community Partners.

The Rainbow Room is like a magic closet for CPS, one full of supplies for displaced families.

"It's for the use of the case workers for children who are involved, who currently have a case or investigation in the CPS system," said McDonald. "If a child is removed and is placed with a family member, say an elderly grandparent, they are not equipped and ready at 11 O' Clock at night or what have you to take a ten month old."

The Rainbow Room relies mostly on donations and fundraiser's and with April being child abuse awareness month, McDonald says they are working hard to raise the funds.

"In 2012, 1,269 childen who were alleged victims of abuse or neglect of those children, 24 went into foster care, which left the remaining balance of children who were eligible to receive services through the Rainbow Room," said McDonald.

With so many kids needing supplies, the partners say they are in desperate need of clothes and diapers. They also need funds for other items.

"We buy a lot of beds in conjunction with the CPS campaign for a bed for every head for a child in Texas. We will purchase beds if there is a child that does not have a bed. Also, when a child is with a case worker when they come to the CPS office it is mandated that those case workers provide food for the children if they are in their custody for more than two hours," said McDonald.

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