Lufkin coalition hopes anti-alcohol message will stick

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - If you happen to go shopping at the Brookshire Brothers fresh harvest location on Chestnut this week, you'll notice orange warning messages.

"I hope they'll just see it if they're providing for underage people, or maybe they're just drinking," Haley Squiers, Lufkin H.S. senior, said. "Coming here is a great way to promote the dangers of underage drinking because you can put these stickers that say all the consequences that happen whenever you underage drink and whenever you provide to minors."

Drug free all star member Haley Squiers is hopeful these stickers will inspire East Texans to be proactive about not providing alcohol to minors especially as high school proms and graduations are underway.

"Alcohol needs to be for adults and it will not be tolerated to supply to minors because it's a dangerous slope," Eli Cutler, Hudson H.S. senior, said.

The consequences and dangers of providing alcohol to minors is exactly what Brookshire Brothers is hoping adults will be aware of.

"Brookshire Brothers' mantra is a celebration of family and community; and if we have adults providing alcohol to underage kids there are not going to be a whole lot of things worth celebrating," Sally Alvis, Brookshire Brothers spokesperson, said.

This is the second year the coalition and drug free all stars have partnered with Brookshire Brothers for the sticker shock project; and this year you will see these warning stickers at several different locations.

"Brookshire brothers has invited the coalition to come into their stores, into the Polk Pick-It-Up, into their tobacco barns to put these stickers on the multi pack beer and wine as a reminder to adults," Alvis said.

These warning stickers are a reminder that Eli Cutler feels those who are 21 and older need to know.

"I feel that a lot of times people don't really think about their actions. You know they're just trying to be the nice guy. Maybe they just didn't know. You know, it's an honest mistake but they can still get jail time or someone could die from it," Cutler said.

Cutler said Monday's sticker shock project kick off was an enlightening experience for him. He's hoping adults will read each sticker and help put a stop to providing alcohol to minors.

The coalition and law enforcement want to remind adults that it is illegal to provide minors with alcohol even in the company of their own homes.

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