Months-long mystery may finally have an answer

The mysterious disappearance of a Tyler County mother and son may finally be solved after a man discovered human remains in the lake in which they were fishing. At 6, Francesca Washington details the latest news on this developing story.

A Nacogdoches woman is proving that anyone can obtain their goal if they work hard. Crystal McCarthy was crowned active female champion by the international weight loss company Visalus 10 days ago. McCarthy's goal was to be able to lose 46 pounds and run a 5K without stopping. McCarthy told Michelle Reed that even though her 90-day challenge is over, she won't be backing down any time soon. That's story's at 5.

At 6, Donna McCollum will tell you about a woman and her British grandchildren who have teamed up to make their own book.

Also at 6, Maegan Prejean introduces you to a Huntington teenager who has written his own piece which will be played by the Austin Symphony.

Keeping with the child prodigies theme, at 10, Leigha Hughes takes you inside the concert of a nine-year-old performing on a grand piano at SFA.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor