Police: Trinity man threw crack rocks, kicked officer

Rex Shelby (Source: Trinity Police)
Rex Shelby (Source: Trinity Police)

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - Trinity Police say a man is in jail after he threw a crack rock to keep it from being used as evidence and kicked a police officer while on a stretcher Saturday night.

Police Chief Steven Jones said an officer was patrolling the streets and saw Rex Darrell Shelby, 48, of Trinity, who appeared to be intoxicated and walking with an open can of beer. The officer searched Shelby and found two crack cocaine rocks in his pocket, Jones said.

Jones said the officer placed the cocaine on the hood of the patrol car and kept searching Shelby. Shelby then grabbed the cocaine and tried to throw it. The officer grabbed Shelby and started to tackle him and Shelby managed to throw the cocaine at the same time, Jones said. Shelby fell forward and the momentum forced his skull into the ground.

The officer was able to handcuff Shelby. EMS then arrived on the scene to take Shelby to the hospital. Another officer arrived to help constrain him and Shelby kicked him on the shoulder, Jones said.

Shelby was treated for the head injury at a Trinity hospital, where he got five staples.

He is charged with tampering with evidence, possession of a controlled substance and assault of a public servant.

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