Lufkin's Garden of Love helps Woodville woman

WOODVILLE, TX (KTRE) - Margret Bourg said she experienced an Easter miracle and now wants to help spread the joy of that miracle to others in her community by starting a community garden.

"People like me that are a little short on their faith, just can't believe it when a miracle happens," said Bourg.

That is why Bourg read over an article in her local newspaper more than once that advertised free food from the Garden of Love.

"I was like, 'you just need to read this article again' because I couldn't believe what I just read," said Bourg.

With no food for an Easter meal for herself and her son, Broug made the call to Lufkin City Councilman Victor Travis. She would not be the only one that would benefit.

"The first lady we brought the food to wanted to help a friend who just lost her house, it had burned down, and she shared her food with the other lady," said Travis.

The thought of helping her neighbor never left her mind.

"If I can help somebody I will," said Broug.

Broug is hoping others will benefit from a community garden.

"Black, white, red or yellow, it makes no difference. When you are poor and you need food, that's what the benefit of having a garden is," said Broug.

The Garden of Love promises to help the project if Broug can find someone to donate the land for the garden.

Broug's determination has shown those with the garden that their message does not fall on deaf ears.

"This is just one of those moments, when you are happy that you can help someone," said Travis.

"It's the character of the people of East Texas. There is a whole lot of loving people in East Texas," said Garden of Love founder, George Harris.

To find out how you can donate or help out with the project you can call, 936-632-4741.

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