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ETX gun shop making ammo to keep up with demand


Gun shops are running low on ammunition, all while, the demand for ammo has increased.

Some places have increased their prices, and even have to put a limit on the amount a customer can purchase.

In Mineola, the owners of a gun shop, East Texas Ammo have their own semi-automatic commercial loaders that will assist in making their own ammunition.

Ammunition manufacturer licensee Paul Carter, says they are having to work long hours to barely meet the demand for ammunition.

"We have people from the metroplex and Louisiana and Oklahoma that come to our shop to buy ammunition and we're scrambling just to find the products to put it together," says Carter. 

The recent shortage of ammunition has caused some complications for manufactures like East Texas Ammo to get all their American made, quality brass components.

"For us it's just now really happening because we're just now finding that we can't get components in, we are just struggling, struggling and struggling to find some," says Paul's wife Debbie Carter.

Carter says the demand for ammunition is not just for recreational use

"We're trying to supply it if the police department or officers need ammunition, for qualification," says Carter.

Even though they have a variety of ammunition available, they are out on one popular kind.

"Right now our .22 caliber long rifle is non existent and I've never heard of such a thing in all of my life," says Carter.

"I'm just really surprised that this type of caliber is out, completely out, so my hunt continues," says customer Michael Larson.

The waiting list consists of about 35 people for the .22 caliber long rifle ammunition but they do have other ammunition available.

They said if you are looking for ammunition, just call their store, East Texas Ammo ((903) 569-8300), tell them what you need, and they will set it aside while you drive to come get it. 

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