Restaurant Report- Nacogdoches County- 4/4/13

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - University Drive Kwik Stop at 1115 South University Drive: 23 demerits for seven expired dairy products, one dented can, trash and debris in hand wash sink, four rule chart needed, needs to haul off old unused equipment, provide thermometer for milk coolers, damaged walls, dirty milk cooler, and ice scoop in a dirty area.

Peking at 3103 North Street: 20 demerits for dents cans of Bamboo shoots, boxes of foods on freezer floor, items in the hand wash sinks, back flow preventer for hose bibb needed, hand towels for hand wash needed, labels on spray bottles needed, dirty utensils, vents, floors, equipment and coolers, all kitchen personnel need hair restraints.

La Braza at 3714 South Street: 13 demerits for no back flow preventer, unused equipment needs to be repaired or discarded, entries and exits need to be weather proof, dirty equipment and dirty vents.

Barnhill's Steak and Buffet at 3217 North Street: 11 demerits for one expired food product, back flow preventer needed for all outside hose bibbs, dirty soft drink nozzles, missing and damaged ceiling tiles and floor pieces in food prep area.

Union Café at 3205 North University Drive: 11 demerits for dirty vents in the food prep area, boxes of food stored on the freezer floor, damaged ceiling tiles, a dirty ice scoop and need to replace two spatulas, a knife.

Flashback Café at 109 Wettermark: 8 demerits for boxes of food on freezer floor, use by dates needed on Canadian bacon and dirty vents.

Mike's BBQ House at 1622 South Street: 7 demerits for date mark sliced ham, missing test strips, dirty vent, water damaged ceiling tiles and damaged wall in the kitchen area.

Taco Bell at 1605 North Street: six demerits need to provide thermometer for prep cooler and replace one spatula.

Donut Plus at 4512 North Street: 4 demerits for water damaged ceiling tiles and four hour rule chart needs to be completed.

Woden Road Kwik Stop Deli and Grill at 2500 Woden Road: 0 demerits.

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