Nacogdoches Co. Sheriff’s Office seizes $5K worth of meth

Joseph Ogdee (Source: Nacogdoches County Jail)
Joseph Ogdee (Source: Nacogdoches County Jail)
Johnny Watson (Nacogdoches County Jail)
Johnny Watson (Nacogdoches County Jail)

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Two Nacogdoches men were arrested Wednesday night after the Nacogdoches Sheriff's Office recovered over $5,000 worth of methamphetamine in a Nacogdoches residence.

The Nacogdoches County Sheriff Office seized a methamphetamine lab and methamphetamine  from a residence on 2900 block of Press Road at 5:00p.m. Wednesday night.

Two suspects were arrested at the scene, Johnny Watson, 47 and Joseph Ogdee, 54.

Sheriff Jason Bridges said his office obtained probable cause for a search warrant after deputies gained information about narcotics being distributed.

When deputies arrived at the home a large meth lab was found inside the residence and scattered throughout the house.

According to Sheriff Bridges, deputies seized several pounds of ammonia fertilizer, chemicals containing muriatic acid, acetone, drain cleaner, starter fluid, Coleman fuel along with other common cooking components used in the production of meth. Deputies also found a sawed-off shotgun, hypodermic needles, and prescription pills.

Bridges pointed to one of the items seized by his deputies and said, "You have a lot of chemicals, a lot of fertilizer, in this big ball of duct tape right here."

Two different labs were seized at the residence.

The suspects were using the "shake and bake" method, which commonly is used in plastic bottles and produces about a gram or less of methamphetamine at a time.

Deputies also seized another lab in which the suspects were producing a large amount of crystal meth. Bridges said he is concerned about this "one-pot" method of producing crystal meth. He said it's the exact same style used by drug cartels in Mexico.

"And this is not something we have actually seen before that our local distributors have been able to make of actual crystal methamphetamine," Bridges said.

About  55 grams of meth was seized from the two meth labs.

"What worries me is the quantity that they're able to produce," Bridges said "You probably have well over 50 grams inside this bag, maybe more, you're looking at $5,000 worth of methamphetamine in this bag alone."

That's a 4,900-percent production increase compared to the one gram of meth produced from the old "shake and bake" method using a plastic bottle.

Watson and Ogdee were charged with possession or a controlled substance, possession of certain chemicals with intent to distribute. Watson was also charged with a prohibited weapon. Both were taken to the Nacogdoches County Jail.

Sheriff Bridges said they have identified a female subject who was living at the home with a child. The woman was not there at the time the search warrant was executed.

"We're certainly looking into the child's welfare, and CPS will be notified about that incident as well," Bridges said.

Investigators are still investigating the involvement of other individuals, and additional warrants may be issued.

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