3-year-old helps identify cell phone thief

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Narasha Adams went to the doctor on Tuesday with her three-year-old son.

But due to office rules little children are not allowed in the exam room

So she left three-year-old Octarien in the waiting area with her phone, but when Narasha came out something was missing.

"So I asked my son, where's my phone, where's my phone?' and he looked at the man and he said ' mama he took the phone from me, I was playing Sponge Bob," said Adams.

That man was 33-year-old Terrence Nudd of Lufkin.

At first he denied the accusations but after the Lufkin Police Department showed up and searched his car they found the phone.

Adams believes Nudd thought her son was an easy target.

"With my son being so little, I guess she thought that he couldn't talk but guess what, he showed him up," said Adams.

Police would keep the phone overnight to look for prints but once it was back in Adams hands Octarien tried to cheer her up by saying.

"The police got your phone back from the bad guy. Mama don't cry. I got your phone back."

I tried to talk with Octarien about the incident but he was too excited to have the phone back."I'm playing a game. It's Sponge Bob, he took the phone, I'm trying to play games!"

And Adams couldn't be more proud of Octarien.

"Most kids can't tell when bad things happen to them," said Adams.

Narasha says she is happy to have the phone back but says her son is more important.

Terrence Nudd is currently being held on a $10,000 bond.

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