Butterfinger is just as sweet as the candy treat

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Say hello to Butterfinger. She was adopted once but was brought back to the shelter and hopes the second time is the charm for her to find a forever home.

The one-year-old old Cattahoola Sheltie mix is named after the chocolate and peanut butter candy bar because she is truly sweet.

She found a home once but it didn't work out so she's hoping she'll have better luck this time.

Kurth Memorial Animal Care Attendant, Sarah Mosely said, "She was just a stray. Someone brought her in from the public and brought her in to us and then they said that she had actually went to one of our adoption events and got adopted and then she was brought back."

Butterfinger is full of energy. She loves to run around and play like most dogs do and she hopes that her new family will have a nice fenced in yard."

[She's] "very energetic. Loves to walk on a leash for you...loves to give you kisses...is a really good dog," said Mosely.

Butterfinger has lots of fun playing with toys, whistle balls are her favorite and she's quite the talented soccer player.

Staff at the shelter says she is good with other animals but she hasn't been tested with cats yet.

Mosely said, "Kids would be fine. Someone that has a yard that can keep her in. It's got to be a good yard someone that can spend a lot of time with her because she's got a lot of energy and needs to be able to run and play."

Butterfinger is sad her first home didn't work out but she's optimistic that the right family will come along.

To find out how you can adopt our furry friend Butterfinger, Call the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter at 936-633-0218

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