Nacogdoches car wash admits to damaging car

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - An unusual accident at a car wash in Nacogdoches has made two women terrified to ever go back.

"I don't want to go by the car wash. The sounds just terrify me, and my doctor says my anxiety level is sky high," Summer Rather said.

She said her sister, their friend, and her were trapped in her car when a basic carwash turned dangerous.

"We had no way of getting out. We kept honking and screaming but no one heard us," she said.

Rather has been to Zippy's Carwash in Nacogdoches on numerous occasions. She put five dollars in the machine on Easter Sunday not knowing the car she had just bought last Thursday would be damaged.

"I was shaking, crying. I was like oh my gosh what is happening to us," Rather said.

Zippy's Car Wash President, Jose Rivera, said this is only the third time something like this has happened at any of his 11 locations nationwide.

"A line broke in the carwash and the guys jumped in there to try to get up and running as fast as possible. When they hooked the lines back up they crisscrossed two of the lines," Rivera said.

Rather said she saw a man on a ladder working on something inside the carwash when she was paying. After being in the carwash for a few seconds, the sisters could tell something wasn't right.

"My exact thought was I was going to die. I really felt like I could be decapitated; the windshield could come in, that the brush could actually come in," Joellen Rather said. "I've gone through that carwash maybe 10 to 20 times. In fact, I've gone through it in my car which had a cracked window and it never hurt it. So, going through it in a brand new car and thinking nothing's going to happen and then having something so horrific happen was really frightening and really terrifying."

Thankfully the sisters were not injured but that's not the case for the car.

"What happened is one of the arms instead of spinning the way it's supposed to it spun the opposite way and that's why it grabbed her car," Rivera said.

The wrap grabbed Rather's car smashing her windshield and roof.

"I hate that it happened to her and we told her we'd send her some more coupons for a wash once we get her car fixed. If it's totaled, the insurance company is going to buy her a new car," Rivera said.

Rather was given a rental car on Tuesday and is waiting for a Zippy's insurance claim adjuster to give an estimate on the damage. She purchased the 2008 Buick from Tipton Ford in Nacogdoches last week. Their body shop estimated the damage to be worth $7,526.

For now Rather is thankful she escaped the accident safely.

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