Help House hosts 3rd Annual Family Kite Fest

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Saturday afternoon the sky was filledwith kites at the Help House's 3rd Annual Kite Fest.

The Help House is a resourcefor families dealing with an autistic child.

The kite fest is the biggest fundraiser forthe non-profit and officials say is way to raise money for the center whileraising awareness throughout the community.

Alongwith kites there were plenty of vendors, games, a climbing wall and bounceshouse for kids to enjoy.

"Well we're a non-profit so werely completely on the donations from the community. Nacogdoches has beenreally supportive in the past of our organization and we're proud to say thisyear we got sponsors from the Lufkin area and Center as well," said AmandaJohnson, Help House Director.

The Help House hosts two fundraiserseach year.

In the fall they will host their "Be the Piece that Matters"5k and 10k in Nacogdoches.

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