Nacogdoches First Baptist Church dances their shoes off in flash mob

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - There was an empty field. Then in a flash it was full of people in bright colored shirts, literally, dancing their shoes off.

More than 140 people of all ages joined together for a choreographed flash mob for a good cause.

All eyes were on the Stephen F. Austin State University intramural field as members of First Baptist Church and the SFA Baptist Student Ministry orchestrated a flash mob.

Flash mob choreographer, Sharon

"Basically you're just doing a little routine and then at the end of it you leave your shoes on the field," said Miller.

But it was more than just your average flash mob, the dancers all left the shoes on their feet, on the field to be donated to Nacogdoches charities.

First Baptist Church, Associate Pastor Bobby Smith said, "We'll dance our shoes off and give them to the kids going back to school for the Glory Gang and then also we have GODTEL which helps our homeless population here and so the adult shoes will go to them."

"Plus it gives this big picture when you leave and I think that's the coolest thing when you leave and all those shoes are sitting there and it's just kind of a picture of the resurrection of the Lord and when we all go be with him and live forever and there it is," said Smith.

11-year-old Christopher Lewallen says the flash mob made him feel like he did something good.

"I guess it was a lot of fun and I feel good now. I feel like give a part to other kids who don't have a lot,"said Lewallen.

Everyone that participated hopes that people who see the flash mob will see how much First Baptist Church cares about their community.

"We love our community. We support our community and we want to help our community and nothing could be better. I'm telling you this is the best day that I've had in a long, long, long time," said Smith.

"I hope that people can see that it's okay to have fun as a Christian and that there's opportunities all around us to share with others that are less fortunate," said Miller.

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organizers say they had so much fun and can't wait to organize their next flash mob and continue giving back to their community.