Hill's Drive Thru Liquor Store reopens after November fire

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - After four months of being closed. Hill's Drive Thru Liquor Store is final opened to the public.

In November, the store shut down after a wheel of an 18 wheeler detached and hit the buildings electrical box causing a fire.

Once it was known that the damage was too much to repair. The store moved to the other side of the building that was unharmed in the fire.

Even though it is smaller, employees like the new space

"The damage was too great so we decided to move over here, and everything was still intact so it helped us. I like it a lot. It's nicer, brighter and brand new. New floors, new tiles, everything is brand new," said Assistant Manager Ray Chorn.

The only income hill's was getting during the four months was from wholesale buyers.

Employees with the store are still getting everything put together so they say if you do come out please have patience.