Apple Springs Polks reopens after early morning gas spill

APPLE SPRINGS, TX (KTRE) - A Polk Oil Exxon station in Apple Springs has reopened after a fuel delivery truck spilled gasoline all over the service runoff this morning.

About 50 gallons of gas was spilled. As a precaution the station was closed for most of the morning. Workers from Cardinal ATC were at the scene and put down absorbent pads to soak up the gas spill, which is limited to concrete, according Terry Clawson, the manager of media relations for the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality. Also on scene were representatives of the TCEQ and Total Maintenance, UST (a contractor for underground storage tanks). The people from Total Maintenance are conducting an inspection of the equipment.

"It was a relatively minor amount, maybe as much as 50 gallons but we think probably less than that, probably around 30 gallons of gasoline got out and it was mainly just on the service runoff so we've got most of it absorbed," Richard Parker, the director of asset management for Brookshire Bros., said.

Details about how the truck spilled the gas online were not given. The station reopened around lunchtime.

"As of this time, the investigator is awaiting inventory control information to determine the exact amount of fuel," Clawson said. "The investigation is ongoing."

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