City of Trinity waiting on new well to end a Stage 3 water shortage

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - The City of Trinity is facing a stage 3 water shortage, which is the second most severe rationing the city's ordinance calls for.

The rationing means that the city will have to reduce it's water by at least 25 percent and people will no longer be able to wash down driveways, or cars. They will also have to use moderate levels of water to water gardens and plants.

"We get our water from a well field with three water wells and one of them has passed away. It died," said Buddy Drake, the city manager for the City of Trinity.

Since the death of the old well in February, city officials are relying on the water stored inside the other two wells.

The two working wells are pumping water into a storage tank where the water is treated and filtered into town. Drake says the wells are pumping about 600,000 gallons of water into the city, which isn't enough water for the hot, summer months.

He says the city has been authorized for an Urgent Need grant by the Texas Department of Agriculture to construct and drill a new well.

"We've got enough water temporarily to be normal. This is a preparation, it takes about 120 days to approve and drill a well and get it working," said Drake.

Drake says the $250,000 grant should help them build a well in about sixty days, but he says if something goes wrong, the city will be desperate for water by the time summer rolls around.

"I'm hopeful. Nobody hates water restrictions worse than the city officials. We're not screaming and yelling too much right now. When we get rain, people won't have to water lawns or gardens and stuff like that," said Drake.

The city isn't monitoring water usage too much right now, but Drake said if the third well is not replaced within those 60 days, they will start to fine those residents who use too much water. But he says he knows that everything is going to work out.

"It's going to happen because we've already got the grant. The steps for that grant are already being done now so we'll be alright," said Drake.

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