Campus safety a priority for Angelina College students after Lone Star College stabbings

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Wednesday Angelina College studentsreturned to classes with the tragedy at Lone Star College fresh on their minds.

"When you're not safe on campus,where are you safe at?" said student Atlantis Osborn.

14 people were injured during Tuesday'scampus attack, 20-year-old student Dylan Quick has been charged with threecounts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Angelina College President Larry Phillipssays acts of violence are shocking and saddening but can happen anywhere.

"It's not just schools, itsschools, churches, military bases, auditoriums, shopping malls, all those,"said Larry Phillips, Angelina College President.

Angelina College officials sayemergency plans are in place, including an emergency telephone system andclassroom projectors that flash emergency messages.

But students say everyone is responsible fortheir own safety.

"You have to guard yourself atall times, you have to be aware of what could happen," said Amanda Wesley,student.

Students say they're not going to beparanoid about campus violence but the issue is always in the back of theirminds.

"Nothing like that should everhappen, but it happened and it's nothing we can do to control that," saidJoey Champion.

"You never know when that's goingto happen, its best to not think about it until necessary," said JesikaEsteves.

For now students are shifting focusfrom the tragedy to pursuing their educational goals.

"Just focus on school and getyour work done," said Champion.

Angelina College officials say the school hasnever had to use emergency lockdown measures and they hope to keep it that way.

School officials say they are working ongetting a campus texting system to notify students of any emergency situations.

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