East Texas gun rights advocates say stiffer background checks won't help

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's about to get a whole lot harder for you to purchase a gun.

Wednesday morning, Senators Pat Toomey and Joe Manchin agreed on a bipartisan amendment that will extend background checks to gun shows and Internet sales.

But many gun rights advocates say this won't change a thing.

"It's not going to change a thing except make it unconstitutional and make it a lot harder for normal citizens to buy guns," said Wally Dunks, a certified concealed handgun instructor.

"I don't know any criminal that if they're going to really go hurt somebody and commit a crime, do they really care if they commit another crime by taking his buddy's gun?" said Dustin Ellermann, a Zavalla man who won the "Top Shot" competition in 2011. "So it's not going to help a bit."

Right now, background checks are required only for sales handled through licensed gun dealers.

"It's politically incorrect," Ellermann said. "The majority of sales that go in a gun show are licensed dealers and licensed dealers have to send out the same background check work."

That work is processed by the national instant background check system, which determines if the buyer is eligible to buy a firearm.

Wednesday morning, Sen. Ted Cruz said maintaining a federal gun registry raises very serious constitutional concerns and is not consistent with the Second Amendment.

Ellermann agrees.

"Gun registry is completely infringing on the Second Amendment," Ellermann said. "In fact, most every gun law we have infringes on the Second Amendment."

Dunks says gun registry will only hurt the consumer and will do nothing to the criminal.

"Our Second Amendment protects us but they are doing everything they can to crush us," he said.

"There's no solution, especially an easy one for the violence we have and like I said the decay of morality that we have in America," Ellermann said.

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