Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 4/11/13 - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 4/11/13


Downtown Cafe at 113 N. First St.: 19 demerits for cold hold not below 45 degrees, self-serve food must be under sneeze guard, food manager needed on-site, all employees must have FHC within 30 days of hire, improper thawing (can't thaw in standing water), need soap at hand sink in bar, thermometers needed in cooler.

Angelina College Cafeteria and Snack Bar at 3500 S. First St.: 18 demerits for improper thawing (hot dogs), replace tile on floor, sanitizer solution must be 50 ppm, need thermometer in freezer, store ice scoop properly.

Woodland Heights Medical Center at 505 S. John Redditt Drive: 15 demerits for cold hold not below 45 degrees, remove expired food, clean floor of walk-in freezer, keep items out of hand sink, repair leak at dishwasher.

The Brisket House at 1225 N. Temple Drive: 14 demerits for repair door in men's restroom, clean under equipment in dish room, hot water in men's restroom needs better pressure, back door must be insect/rodent proof seal, hole under sink in back, sanitizer must be between 50-100 ppm.

Logan's Roadhouse at 4201 S. Medford Drive: 14 demerits for clean venthood filters, clean under shelves in dry storage, clean under ice bin in bar, food grade containers required, do not thaw food on undrained ice, hand sinks must be accessible, repair leak at prep sink and front hand sink, repair leak at bar, repair leaks to dishwasher.

The Beach at 1604 W. Frank Ave.: 10 demerits for clean under equipment in bar, repair hole in wall in men's restroom, remove household crockpot, keep items out of hand sink.

Texas Bible College at 3900 College Drive: 10 demerits for food manager needed, personal items must be stored separate from food, thermometer needed in freezer, clean inside microwave.

Steven's Catering at 1901 FM 842: Seven demerits for remove unused equipment, clean behind dryer, clean floor drains, do not store toxic items with food or SSI.

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