Polk County couple reflect on 70 years of marriage

POLK COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - In 1943, Walter asked his girlfriend Loraine to marry him. Seventy years late, they are still celebrating a happy marriage. They are still as much in love as they were when Walter Autry was deployed to the pacific during World War 2.

"It's been a long, long time. We grew up together since we were kids you almost might say," said Loraine Autry.

It all started at a military dance.

"They were having a dance so I decided to go, and I spotted him out there.  He looked like a pretty good guy, so I asked him to dance," said Loraine.

"I thought I won a prize," said Walter Autry.

The rest is history. A year later, the two got married, but not everyone approved.

"My mother didn't like him. She wasn't happy when she found out we were getting married," said Loraine.

"It took her awhile to come around but she finally found out I wasn't that no good sailor she thought I was," said Walter.

Walter is 90 and Loraine 88. Both admit not many people live up to their age and they have a secret.

"One of our secrets to longevity is activity," said Walter.

The two just got back from a camping trip and plan on going on a vacation to Louisiana in a couple of weeks. They also shared insight into how to be married for so long.

"You always have rough spots in life, so consequently we have had our arguments. If you stay mad longer than five minutes at each other then you are going to have a problem," said Walter.

Advice we can all live by.

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