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Longview police still seeking dognapper


The owner of a pet store where a puppy was stolen says the thief may have had some help. Tuesday, a man was seen on security video putting a nine-week-old Shih-tzu puppy named Spencer in his jacket, and then walking out of Wet Pets-n-Critters in Longview. The worry now for those trying to find the suspect and the dog is the passing of time.

"The longer the animal is gone, the more difficult it is to find that particular animal. It's not micro-chipped; there's nothing to show who that dog belongs to," says Longview animal control officer Jacqui Lynch.

"We haven't heard anything yet. But we have lots of people sharing your story on Facebook. We're just hoping someone will recognize this person and turn him in," says store owner Laura Borens.

Animal control officers say the theft of a dog of this breed has obvious motives.

"These animals are basically stolen for money. They'll be sold in Walmart parking lots or on the side of the road," says Lynch.

The suspect in this case feigned interest in the fish section of the store, but Borens says he may have had help distracting workers.

"It was definitely a premeditated act, and we are very suspicious of two other people that came in the store at the same time; they were also trying to distract are employees," she says.

Boren says shortly after the suspect left, the two other people left.

"We think he might have had some help," she says. 

More security video shows that man may have a mohawk hairstyle. Boren hopes somebody will either recognize the suspect or Spencer somewhere.

"I'm confident that someone will find out who this person is," Borens says.

This breed of dog sells for around $490 when they are puppies.

Anyone with information about the thief or the dog is asked to call Longview police.

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