Apple Springs Elementary starts new program for students

APPLE SPRINGS, TX (KTRE) - Each Thursday, Apple Springs Elementary students have the chance to discover some of their many hidden talents.

"We offer some beginning guitar, we offer some sign language, we offer robotics, some dancing, and just a variety of things trying to reach all areas that kids might not have the opportunity to go and do," Lori Spivey, first grade teacher, said.

More than a dozen teachers have volunteered for the after school program.

"Learning to soar is a program that our principal put together. We have a lot of lower socioeconomic kids here and we don't have a lot of money because we're a small 1A school," Missy Eichamn, science teacher said. "We had some teachers that had to be let go in our fine arts department and so that's the areas where we've been lacking."

The lack of funds and having to let go of some fine arts teachers won't stop these educators from helping kids learn to soar.

"We don't get any extra pay. We're doing it because we love our kids," Spivey said.

Each child will spend four weeks in the activity of their choice.

"Most of the classes have to do with fine arts so it's really kind of an enrichment program," Eichamn said.

For the past few weeks, fifth grader, Andrew Goins, has mixed up some skills in the kitchen.

"I'm kind of a cook at my house and this class will help," Goins said.

Cooking and experimenting isn't the only thing they learn.

"We tie it into a bible lesson," Spivey said.

Third grader Tiarra Roberts has also brought out her hidden talents in cooking class, but next on her agenda is learning Spanish.

"I think it's good because they told me it's important that you know English and Spanish languages because if you want a job you can be able to talk both languages," Roberts said.

Each of the offered classes opens the door to a world of endless opportunities.

Currently, "Learning to Soar" is offered to students first through sixth grade, but teachers are hoping to expand the program next year for all grades.

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