Vintage store brings new and old trends to Nacogdoches

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Driving down North Street in Nacogdoches recently you may have noticed a new clothing store. Vagabond Vintage is now open and selling the recent trends.

Friday was Patrick Casey's first time in the store since it opened a little over a month ago.

"I think vintage is something you've got to put your hands on. It's not something you can look at online like, eBay, whatever. You've got to touch it to actually want to buy it," Casey said.

Casey is no stranger to Vagabond Vintage that was formally known as Vagabond Imports.

Today, looking around the store you'll find many different vintage items, but more than 20 years ago this same store was home to items from around the world.

"We started out as an import store with Russian and Guatemalan imports," Keith Marrs, Vagabond Vintage owner, said.

In the 90s Keith Marrs would travel to Guatemala and bring back an assortment of goods and that's how the name vagabond came about.

There are a handful of thrift stores in Nacogdoches, but Marrs says these vintage items are hand-selected.

"They just put out whatever comes in, whereas we go through thousands of pounds of clothes to pick. I mean sometimes I look through 100 T-shirts just to get one," Marrs said.

These hand-picked clothes are what keep customers happy; especially college students.

"We always counted on the college. We're hoping to get them back over here. That's our bread and butter," Marrs said.

Kendal Rogers was a customer in the 90s at Vagabond Imports and did some shopping at Vagabond Vintage Friday.

"The clothes change but you can tell the vibe stays the same. Its stuff from the eighties, which is stuff we were buying. There's stuff we didn't want to wear, and it's what people are buying now," Rogers said. "It's not something you're not going to find in the mall."

Marrs said you never know what clothing will be in style.

"We just get a little mix of all of the things and put them here," Marrs said.

Today, you can find some silk bomber jackets and European military items around the store.

There's one other Vagabond Vintage store in San Marcos. In the fall, Marrs is hoping to open one in College Station.

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