Hundreds get down and dirty in Nacogdoches mud run

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Runners in Nacogdoches got down and dirtySaturday morning in the first Red Dirt Mud Run.

"A little mud never hurt nobody,"Meghan Stine, runner.

More than 600 athletes took part in the 5krace filled with muddy low crawls, climbing walls, tunnels and an ice bath.

Runner Kenneth Koon says he and his runningpartner stuck together to get through the obstacles and finish the course.

"We had to go under the cut logs and get ourheads under the water, our heads were even with the surface of the water andwhen you're out of breath getting your whole body submerged you're going towant to take a breath," said Koon.

Juan Hernandez was the first runner to finishthe race, the course took him about 35 minutes and he says he plans on addingthe mud run to the list of races he participates in throughout the year.

"We do marathons, half marathons stufflike that and we work out pretty regularly," said Hernandez.

For runner Meghan Stine this race was just awarm-up for the Tough Mudder in Austin next weekend.

After six months of training she'sproud to have conquered her first encounter with the mud.

"It was a lot of fun the hardest partwas definitely the rope climb, it's hard you got to have a lot of agility toget over that but I did it," said Stine.

The muddy run was all for a good causehelping the Nacogdoches Jaycees raise funds to be distributed to variousnon-profits.

Many of the runners say they would run thecourse again and encourage others to do the same.

"Just try it you got to try somethingyou got to get dirty, it's good for you," said Stine.

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