Lufkin city councilman Victor Travis donates land for future indoor soccer complex

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Hundreds of East Texas soccer players were surprised during their regular Sunday practice when a Lufkin city councilman announced he would be donating land for their future indoor soccer complex.

Spokesman for the United Soccer League of Texas, Pedro Diaz says, "This is where the dream starts turning into reality."

Lufkin Ward 1 city councilman, Victor Travis, announced Sunday he will donate five acres of his own land to the United Soccer League of Texas.

"I decided that hey we can get them a place to play if they want to play that bad and they have this many people coming out we can get them a place to play where they can have their own complex," said Travis.

Travis says this is just the beginning and it will take a year or two before the idea of a state of the art indoor soccer complex becomes a reality.

President of the United Soccer League of Texas board, Dede Gonzalez says this complex is more than about playing soccer.

"This is their life and the more that we can do for them the more we're going to keep them off the streets," said Gonzalez. "You know, keeps them away from drugs and gangs."

Diaz said, "At the end of the game, that's where it stays, it stays at the soccer field. We shake hands and we walk out as friends."

Diaz says the indoor facility will give players a chance to learn more about the game.

"The indoor is a little bit different than the outdoor. It's quicker it's fast paced it's more full of stamina," said Diaz. "It's non-stop. The weather conditions we won't stop we'll actually play."

The United Soccer League of Texas also had a surprise for councilman Travis, that they plan on naming the future soccer complex after Travis as a thanks for donating the land and putting the project in motion.

Councilman Travis says the next step for the United Soccer League of Texas is to get a 5-1c3 and start applying for grants.

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