Witnesseses on Burke plane crash: 'We thought it was over'

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Sunday, partygoers at a house in the Burke area had a night they will never forget.

"We thought it was over. He made a circle and got too low and hit the power lines. It flipped down and he caught on fire. It wasn't pretty," Craig Wood said.

That was the thought of everyone who attended, when a small experimental airplane crashed on Wood's property after hitting an electrical wire.

Wood and his friend, Vince Treadwell, deflected any heroism to their friend, Ronnie King.

"They were just being humble about everything. When the plane hit the high line, Doctor Wood was the first to jump into action," King said. "We're 75 to a hundred yards from where we were at, and he was here in a flash."

The three men jumped into action to help Jerry Morehouse, of Huntington, from the burning plane.

None of them want the credit for being a hero.

"He was hurting a little bit, but I think the pilot would have made it out on his own, but we just helped with getting him out a little quicker," King said.

They said they are all glad they were at the right place at the right time, but admitted it was quite an experience.

"I've never seen anything like this and I hope I never do again," King said.

Morehouse's wife told the East Texas News that he did not sleep much last night due to an adrenaline rush.

He planned on visiting his doctor earlier today.

The Federal Aviation Administration was on scene investigating and should have a full report in the coming weeks.

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