Garrison Vol. Fire Dept. trains firefighters on proactive pre-burn fire plan

GARRISON, TX (KTRE) - The Garrison Volunteer Fire Department is airing on the side of caution and training their fire fighters and mutual aid partners on their in-case-of-emergency plan for the senior citizens home.

The Garrison Volunteer Fire Department is making sure their community is safe by having a fire disaster plan for the Garrison Nursing Home.

Fire chief, Rodney Robison says the nursing home is one of the largest structures in town and he wants everyone to be prepared should a fire break out.

"We took it upon our self as a department to start doing pre-burn plans, a lot of your larger departments are doing it and here in Garrison we don't have a lot of large structures but we want to try and be prepared as best we can in case we do have an accident like that,"said Robison.

Garrison fire fighters and their mutual aid partners from Central Heights and Appleby fire departments worked out the best response plan for the nursing home.

"Well in a nursing home is such a large structure and there's different wings that you have to fight the fire at and so you want to have a plan rather than just going up there trying to react and a plan based upon what the fire presents to you,"said Robison.

Robison says having a plan is very important because first responders have to think about putting the fire out, plus getting all the patients out safely.

Fire fighters went on a guided tour of the nursing home to see key areas, like the sprinkler control room and get familiar with the layout.

Robison says, "We'll talk about supplying the sprinkler system, where we're going to stage trucks, mutual aid with other fire departments, water shuttle where we're going to have trucks getting in and out."

The Garrison Volunteer Fire Department is also preparing for their annual barbeque fundraiser.

The event will take place at the Garrison Fire Department, Saturday, May 11th starting at 10:30 AM

Garrison assistant fire chief, Jack Brown says the department is hoping to raise enough money so they can purchase some new equipment.

"We do fundraiser's so that we can supplement those funds and we can go for bigger ticket items. It helps us save money quicker so we've been able to save up money and we've been pushing for a tanker for quite a few years to replace the one that we have," said Brown.

Brown says the festivities will go on until they run out of food.

There will be live music plus fun and games for all ages.

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