Lufkin dad, son learn self-defense, bond in anti-bullying classes

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - They are words no parent wants to hear.

"I'm still being bullied a little bit," Caleb Schoubroek said.

"You know, I don't think it's right because kids don't know these days," Kenny Schoubroek said. "The younger kids they have no idea. Once they're being bullied this here will help them protect themselves."

Last year's statistics show boys were bullied more often than girls.

"It's definitely an awakening to bullying and how it's happening," said Gabriella Roberts. "I know it's been going on for many years and just having it surface and the awareness is number one."

For the past few weeks, self-defense instructor Roberts has been teaching Caleb and Kenny bullying prevention techniques.

"The system I teach is called Mushin Budo," Roberts said. "It means calm mind, martial way. It's a mixed martial arts consist Aikido and Judo. So, we practice techniques from ground, all the way to standing, kicking, and punching."

Schoubroek signed his 10-year-old son up for these anti-bullying classes and felt it was only right to join him, as he conquers and overcomes the fear of being bullied.

"When he gets in emergency situations, you know if a kid bullies him in school or anywhere, you know any kind of situation I want him to be able to protect himself," Kenny said.

Caleb is excited to learn different levels of assertiveness, which has helped him build a new bond with his father.

"It feels really nice because I get to know him better," Caleb said.

"The more we do it, the more we learn and the more we interact," Kenny said. "We practice a lot at home, too, so it makes it a lot easier. Me working with him helps a lot."

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