Huntington High School gear heads hoping to take Tech World by storm

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - The Huntington High School Robotics Team is making some loud noise in the Tech World.

The Southeast Texas state champions will be traveling to Saint Louis, Missouri in a couple of days to compete against teams from all over the world for the first-ever Tech World Championship.

East Texas News met with the talented bunch Wednesday morning and learned why they think they will win.

Armed with their wit and strategizing skills, the Huntington High School gearheads say they are ready for the first Tech World Championship.

"We've done the best this year with being this close to being done as we have this close to the competition," Hudson Cook, a senior at Huntington High School.

On April 24th, the team will compete against 127 teams from 16 nations for the title of FTC World Champion.

"We wear our suits, and we just try to make a good impression," Dylan Mouton, an HHS senior, said. "We've got the bow ties and the suspenders; we've got the whole nine yards, and people really know who we are."

However, it's the way the Huntington students play the game that will separate them from the other teams.

"You've got two robots on each team and so we're good at offense and scoring so we'll try to get to our teammates to play defense to keep the other team from scoring," Lanna Lytle, an HHS junior, said.

In the robotics match, each team will have a 30-second autonomous period where they will try to hang rings on pegs, using their robots.

"What you're trying to do is the whole time you are trying to hang rings," Cook said. "It's 3 by 3 rows of pegs and you get 15 for the top row, 10 for the middle and 5 for the bottom."

They then try to gain ownership of the pegs by putting as many rings on them as they can. Sometimes, the competition gets rough.

"It's a lot of defense, like we're having to go against defense, and they try to block us majorly, and in one competition our robot got knocked over and broken," Lytle said.

The team says they have learned from their mistakes and are excited to see what other teams have to offer.

"We realized that we needed to change things to do better, and each competition that we went to, we just added things that we needed to make the robot a lot better," Cook said.

The students say robotics is really a team effort and have been working on rebuilding their robots since October.

They said the competition at the world championship will be fierce, but they are feeling very confident.

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