'Swamp People' make a guest appearance in Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - East Texans kicked off their Saturday at the 21st annual Downtown Hoedown Festival in Lufkin.
This year, Trapper Joe and Trigger Tommy from the History Channel reality series Swamp People made a special appearance.

"Oh man, Lufkin is beautiful. It's a beautiful town y'all have out here; a lot of nice people," Trigger Tommy said.

Trigger Tommy and Trapper Joe made their first visit to Lufkin Friday and fell in love with the city and how well East Texans have been treating them during their time at the downtown hoedown.

"I'm just a fan of them and I'm glad to meet them," Billy Murphy said.

Billy Murphy waited patiently in line Saturday afternoon to meet his favorite Swamp People duo, but he wasn't the only fan.

"Everybody's come to see us. They got a line all the way across the block. It's pretty cool," Trigger Tommy said.

11 and 8-year-old Cami and Cooper Keen have been fans of the reality TV series since season one.

"I thought it was really cool and I was excited as soon as I knew they were here," Cami Keen said.

The alligator hunters had the chance to meet hundreds of East Texas fans, and to their surprise many of them were kids.

"You know it's kind of a lot of younger generation," Trapper Joe said. "It really surprised me. They love the show."

Their loyal fans purchased hats, pictures and alligators for their favorite bayou boys to sign.

Many wanted to know the top secret recipe for the hunters' gator bait.

"They wanted to know what's my secret sauce and what are my ingredients," Trapper Joe said. "But I didn't share none of that with none of them so far. They watch the show that much; it's interesting and it feels good when they ask you questions like that."

After enjoying a day to meet their East Texas fans, the duo decided they have a new city to add to their travel list.

"Yeah, I plan on coming back to East Texas. It's a nice place," Trapper Joe said.

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