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More than just advertising, sign 'spinners' show off skills


It's hard to miss them, people spinning advertisement signs on a street corner, in hopes of getting the attention of potential shoppers.

But the folks who flip these signs aren't just there to make money, they are passionate about what they do.

The sign spinners from Arrow Advertising work hard to learn what they call tricks, specific moves they can perform using their sign.

There's the "helicopter spin," the "flying chicken" and the "paddy cake," just to name a few.

"I always say that the sign tells you what to do. I just kind of move and let it tell me where to go," said Christian Burke, who's been spinning signs for four years.

"I always considered it an art form. Others considered it a sport. No matter what, even if it's a sport or an art form, you're performing for your crowd," said Mark Montellano, the head spin instructor.

When Montellano first starting working for Arrow Advertising there were only about 100 "tricks." Now they can teach about 700 of them.

Of course, spinners have to work up to that because if they do too much, too soon, they can get what has been coined as, "spinjuries."

"People get bloody noses, busted ankles, hurt wrists, things like that," said Burke.

"Nice little shoulder pain, forearm pain ... you feel that in places you didn't know you had muscles," said Montellano.

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