Showdown day!

KTRE's baby turns 5 today. For five years, high school seniors from Angelina and Nacogdoches counties have squared off in an all-star basketball game, representing the charities of their choices. This year, the charities are turning up to bring their own support to the game. We hope you too will join us at Panther Gym at 6 tonight. Christel Phillips comes at you live at 6 and Justin Woodard will bring you all the highlights at 10.

Two middle school boys have been arrested and a third arrest is being pursued tonight after it was discovered they did $65,000 worth of damage to equipment at the Texas A&M Forest Service facility in Hudson. At 6, Maegan Prejean explains how they did it and what happens now.

Weston is a typical dog. He loves to run and play, but finds a seat on the couch the most comfortable. And he needs a home. Leigha Hughes brings you Best Furry Friends tonight at 6.

How much thought do you place in a purchase? Does cost override supporting a good cause? Does "Made in USA" make more difference to you than finding a great bargain import? These are the questions asked at a unique event underway tonight and tomorrow in Nacogdoches. As Donna McCollum tells us at 5, it combines the study of art and consumerism.

We've told you before about a prosthetist who assists children in Tanzania who have had their limbs cut off. Now, a Nacogdoches eye doctor joins her. Michelle Reed has that story at 10.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor