Mantiques shop opens in downtown Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Odds and ends from generations past fill the Texas Coin and Mantiques shop in the center of downtown Lufkin.

"It's almost everything a man could want," said Phillip Mortenson, Owner.

This is the first week the store has been open for business, phone booths, slot machines and juke boxes are just a few of the vintage items shoppers will find in the store.

"Downtown Lufkin is being revitalized with the Pines Theater more and more vendors are coming in," said Mortenson.

Shopper Ray Coleman says the store is a breath of fresh air in downtown and gives male shoppers something to look forward to.

"You have the boutiques down here and you bring your wife, well what are you going to do," said Coleman.

Coleman says items like pin ball machines and action figures make him feel like he's hanging out with old friends, one of his favorites, pretzel machine from the 1950's.

"It doesn't look like it's worth a lot but because it's an antique store and it's so rare, it's one of those things that if you saw it at a garage sale you'd pick it up for five bucks or something then sell it for 500," said Coleman.

Shoppers believe having such a distinctive store downtown increases will bring something extra special to the city.

"This was going to be an empty stall and so you got a shop in here and it's a shop that adds value to downtown because it's a shop that wasn't here before," said Coleman.

And offer the opportunity for men to find treasures in their own backyard.

The shop is also a coin store, not only do they sell gold and silver coins but they purchase them as well.

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