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Suspect not charged in dognapping

A stolen dog has been recovered by a Longview pet shop owner, but no one has yet been charged in the theft.

Surveillance video inside the store clearly shows a man stealing a dog named Spencer from 'Wet Pets 'n Critters' in Longview. The man has been identified by law enforcement, but he is still uncharged in the incident.

"We don't have a warrant on the suspect; we're still trying to gather evidence together to send it over to the district attorneys office," says Longview police officer Kristie Brian.

"I'm a little disappointed that there's no warrant for his arrest, but I understand that the police department...they need to get all of their evidence," says Spencer's owner, Laura Borens.

Borens got a tip on the man and actually did her own surveillance of the suspect's home. Seeing nothing , she got another tip that Spencer was dumped in a wooded area of Gladewater where she found him, and therein lies the problem.

"Where the dog was found does present a problem in the investigation because we didn't find a person with it, it was just found in an open area," Brian says.

That means there is no conclusive evidence that the man had possession of the dog.

"At this time we're still doing an investigation on that, trying to tie in the suspect to that actual dog- napping," says Brian.

"We know he had the dog, he knows he had the dog. We have the video of him taking the dog. I was hoping that maybe he would have been arrested by now," Borens says.

Longview police say the case remains under investigation, and Spencer will remain at Wet Pets 'n Critters until the investigation concludes.

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