Shocking surveillance video

You'll remember in January when we reported on the police-involved shooting death of an Alto man. Three months later, we have obtained some surveillance video of the robbery which took place before the shooting. Maegan Prejean will show it to you at 6, but it's another apparent crime which took place that also grabbed our attention. You'll definitely want to see it.

Who's gonna fill his shoes? That's what millions of country fans are asking today. But it's right here in a corner of East Texas where "Ol' Possum" George Jones planted his roots back in the '80s. At 5, Caleb Beames tours the old Jones Country Park in Colmesneil and even interviews his surviving sister. It's a story you won't want to miss.

Some Nacogdoches ISD parents are still concerned at how a convicted felon made it onto the substitute staff at the school. Donna McCollum interviews the administration at the school to see what went wrong and what kind of measures they're taking to ensure it doesn't happen again. That story's at 6.

And at 10, Justin Woodard gets reaction from coaches of, family of and even the first-round pick himself, Lane Johnson on his being drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor