Center ISD bus rolls on side with children aboard; no serious injuries

Source: Chip McGee
Source: Chip McGee

SHELBY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - State troopers responded to a bus wreck in Shelby County, after the bus rolled to its side with 10 children on board.

Sheriff Willis Blackwell said the bus was driving children from Center Independent School District home, going eastbound on State Highway 7 East around 4 p.m., when the driver said she was trying to dodge a truck before the bus flipped near Old Airport Road.

Blackwell said some children were taken to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Nobody was seriously injured.

"I know one child had a neck injury and another had a broken collarbone, but that's about all I know right now," he said.

Blackwell said authorities took the children to a nearby rodeo arena, where their parents picked them up.

Chip McGee, the owner of the Kountry Cafe and Grill on Highway 7, says he saw the accident as he was standing on the front porch of his business.

"You could see the back wheels kind of bouncing, leaving the ground kind of fish tailing, and it went a long ways across the road and it just slowly tipped over and fell on it's side," said McGee.

He says the intersection right outside his store is very dangerous.

"I noticed when I looked ahead of the bus that there was a vehicle turning on a side street and that was apparently what she was braking for," said McGee.

The bus skidded a couple miles up the road before knocking down McGee's mailboxes and landing on its side.

"I hollered back for someone in the store to call 911 and I ran out and started helping get the kids off the bus," said McGee.

McGee says the whole time he was hoping the kids were okay.

"There were beginning to crawl out of the bus through the emergency exits and I went and pried, I had to pry real hard to get the back door open and I lifted it up over my head and me and another passerby were holding it up and helping the kids one by one to get out the back door," said McGee.

McGee says that when he peeked his head into the bus, some of the kids looked stunned, while others had a different expression on their faces.

"Some of them seemed like they had been on a ride at a carnival," McGee said.

McGee says he didn't even think before he ran to the bus. It was just instinct.

"It could've been dangerous, and I'm glad it wasn't," McGee said.

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