Hundreds walk for babies in Nacogdoches Walk of Dimes

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Hundreds filled the streets of Nacogdoches Saturday morningwalking in honor of babies.

Over 20 teams participated in the March of Dimes three milewalk, to do their part in making sure every baby is born healthy.

"It gives you an outlet to tell your story to findothers with similar stories and know you're not alone," said Jennifer Winston,Volunteer

March of Dimes raises money for babies born prematurely andbabies born with birth defects.

Vicki Wood's daughter Rinley was born with a congenitalheart defect and Wood says every step taken today brings families one stepcloser to healthier babies.

"Right now in the Texas legislature there is a propositionthat is trying to be passes that would require all hospitals to do a congenitalheart defects screening of all newborn children," said Wood.

Volunteer Jennifer Winston says her twins were born at 24weeks and weighed just over a pound, her son Evan died when he was seven monthsold.

"I walk in memory of him and in honor of my daughter whoturned six a couple of weeks ago and she walks and talks and smiles and hearsand sees everything you could imagine that a preemie could do," said Winston.

Behind every participant there is a connection to a child whose life was cut short or a child struggling with their health.

Participants say March of Dimes benefits every family andthe funds raised for research goes toward giving newborns a healthy life.

"To make the community aware of all the different things outthere that March of Dimes does and without community support March of Dimeswouldn't be able to do all the things they do," said Wood.

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