Lufkin Day Care Needs Financial Care

The Lufkin Day Care was once an all-black child care facility. It was founded 67 years ago, a time when black kids weren't allowed to go to school with white kids. Community leaders say that was a long time ago, and things have changed for the better.

Community leader A. M. Jeffero says, "We're not segregated. White or black or brown, anyone can have the opportunity to go" to the day care.

One thing hasn't changed...the day care's constant money problems. With enrollment on the decline, the day care is once again in a financial bind. The center's had hard times before, but always managed to make it through. Jeffero says the lack of community support is becoming a problem.

"If you don't have the kids there, to me, that's non support," he says.

It costs about $250,000 a year to operate the Lufkin Day Care. The United Way funds about $70,000 of that cost, but because of state budget cuts, the agency wasn't able to donate as much this year. Another challenge the day care faces is trying to compete with public school and home-based programs that target younger students.

The board of directors will meet Tuesday to consider options that will address the financial shortfall of the daycare facility. We'll continue to follow this story, and bring any updates when they become available.