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Warmest day this year not an indication of summer heat


Some might think Monday's 102-degree warmth is just a part of living in the desert. CBS meteorologists use climatology, or averages, to assess whether Arizona temperatures are above or below normal.

The normal high is 89 degrees for this time of year in the Valley.

Now in triple-digit warmth, the top question received in the CBS 5 weather center is: "Does this mean it's going to be an excessively hot summer?"

"No, it really doesn't. It just shows that we're getting closer and closer to our warmer and drier season and it's approaching summer," said Valerie Meyers with the National Weather Service in Phoenix.

The average date of the first 100-degree high is May 2, putting the Valley right on schedule.

"There (have) been years in the past where the month of April has had probably about half the month with 100-degree temperatures," added Meyers.

When it comes to dealing with the heat, nobody is better prepared than Valley firefighters.

"As the heat and the weather starts to change, we make sure we continue with our regular activity. That way our bodies start to adjust to those climate changes," said Captain Forrest Smith with Mesa Fire Department.

Smith adds it's often new Valley residents, or people visiting from out of town that have the greatest challenges adjusting to our heat.

But whether it's 102 degree or 112 degree, the three most important things to remember are water, rest and shade.

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