Lufkin man gets 10 years for convenience store robbery

Kendrick Ford (Source: Angelina County Jail)
Kendrick Ford (Source: Angelina County Jail)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Judge Barry Bryan of Angelina County's 259th Judicial District Court sentenced a 23-year-old Lufkin man to 10 years in prison for his role in an Aug. 26, 2012 convenience store robbery Tuesday.

During the aggravated robbery sentencing hearing, Kendrick Pierre Ford told Bryan that he was going to use the money from the robbery to pay rent and said he wants to change.

"I had a part in, and that is on me," Ford said. "I didn't have to do it, but I did. I made a mistake."

Before the sentencing, Ford told the judge that he wants to change.

"This is not the life that I want," Ford said. "I want to come back to jail not as an inmate, nut to tell other inmates there is a better life out there."

Ford's aunt, Willie Lewis, took the stand as a character witness. She told Bryan that Ford is a good man who has made bad choices.

"He's had a lot of emotional disturbances, but since he's been locked up, I've seen a difference," Lewis said.

Lewis added that since Ford has been in jail, he has been acting more mature.

"Since I've been visiting him, I've seen a change; it's like he's grown up now," Lewis said. "At first he was like a child on a grown up body."

Ford pleaded guilty to the aggravated robbery charge on March 19.

According to a previous KTRE report, officers responded to Adeel's #1, located at 3403 South Chestnut St., at 11 p.m., in reference to a robbery which had just occurred.

The store employee said two men, both dressed in all black with hoodies, fabric covering their faces and gloves, came into the store. She said one of them had a long knife and demanded she give them money and warned her not to activate any alarms.

She said one of the men jumped over the counter and filled a backpack with Kool menthol cigarettes, White Owl cigarillos, Good Time cigarillos and cash. They then ran out the front door.

While searching the area, an officer spoke with a woman outside a nearby residence who remembered seeing a black man in a tan Tahoe-type SUV parked in the area. A trail of footprints from the store led toward the area the woman had seen the SUV. An officer recognized the description of the SUV as a vehicle he ran across during a disturbance several months earlier and he remembered the vehicle was normally parked on Broaddus Street.

The officers located the SUV in the 100 block of Broaddus Street and through the windows saw a box of White Owl Cigarillos, cash, a large knife and black fabric. They also saw the matching footprints near the front entrance of the residence.

Although officers heard people talking inside the residence, nobody would speak with them, according to the report. So officers surrounded the residence and SUV and obtained a search warrant. While executing the warrant, officers found inside the residence gloves, the shoes matching the footprints, Good Time cigarillos, White Owl cigarillos and Kool menthol cigarettes. The officers detained five males inside the residence and took them to the police department for questioning.

According to the report, Christian Gabriel Trevino, 18, of Lufkin, admitted that he, Ford and Brandon Lamar Hooper, 26, of Lufkin, went to the store together in Hooper's Chevy Tahoe. Trevino said Hooper was driving the SUV while Trevino and Ford robbed the store, according to the report. Ford and Hooper also admitted to parts of their roles in the robbery, according to the report.

Trevino and Hooper are each scheduled for a May 6 jury selection.

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